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Great products are rooted in great design.

Look around you, everything you see & touch has been designed and engineered from an idea into a product. We are a team of highly experienced engineers passionate about product design.

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We believe at ELLIOTT GROUP ENGINEERING that our skills and disciplines developed in the automotive industry give us a unique advantage when designing every day products.

If you are looking for help to kick off an idea, perhaps you are new to the process, don't have CAD capabilities or maybe you have a great idea but you just can't visualise what it looks like on paper we can help.

A common issue we often see is that the idea and design exists, but the in depth knowledge that often comes with experience of materials and production roots is not there. We can help turn designs into products assisting in everything from material choices to liaising with manufactures ensuring you get the best product.


Product design can be a daunting process and sometimes you can feel stuck on a particular issue. We advocate a fresh eyes approach to product design. By having another party outside your organisation review your product often a new prospective on the issue is gained generating ideas and solutions you may not have thought of. With our experience in a range of industries we believe ELLIOTT GROUP ENGINEERING is best placed to provide such a service.

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