Committed to Excellence

Elliott Group Engineering is a consultancy and engineering service provider that offers its clients the highest engineering talent at the lowest achievable cost while improving the work life balance of its employees without any degradation in productivity. 

We have achieved this by stripping away business overheads, a virtual company where all employees work from home. The engineering industry is losing top talent every year as people look to move away from the heavily industrialised focus areas where house prices are driven up year on year, or they wish to start a family but cannot find a way to balance office life with family commitments. Elliott Group is able to access talent from anywhere in the UK and the rest of the world allowing people to choose where they are located. We believe that by empowering people to choose where they live, how their office is set up, the office hours they work to fit in with their lifestyle (school runs, the gym, walking the dog, utility visits, caring for family members) overall productivity actually increases.

We aim to reinvigorate the engineering passion in our team.

At Elliott Group we believe that people are the most valuable asset a company has and supporting both their mental and physical health reduces time lost due to illness, productivity failure due to stress and boosts employee loyalty.

Technology advances have reached a point where engineering roles such as Lead and Project engineers, CAD, CAE, Integration and Advanced Manufacturing can all be done virtually while maintaining the same level of communication and collaboration required to deliver a successful product. 

We are experts in Automotive, Product Design, Powertrain Casting Development and Project Management Engineering Consulting. Our team has many years of experience working for & with global OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers.

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